Pivot Chrome

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270-2928C+15 Pivot Chrome +15mm 5.59BS 20×9 6×120 67.1mmHB
270-2983C+15 Pivot Chrome +15mm 5.59BS 20×9 6×5.5 106.1mmHB
270-2963C+25 Pivot Chrome +25mm 5.98BS 20×9 6×135 87mmHB
270-2984C+25 Pivot Chrome +25mm 5.98BS 20×9 6×5.5 106.1mmHB
270-2283C+15 Pivot Chrome +15mm 5.84BS 22×9.5 6×5.5 106.1mmHB
270-2263C+25 Pivot Chrome +25mm 6.23BS 22×9.5 6×135 87mmHB
270-2284C+25 Pivot Chrome +25mm 6.23BS 22×9.5 6×5.5 106.1mmHB


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