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Phantom Dually Chrome

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Product Description

025-7692FC Phantom Chrome +129mm 8.83BS 17×6.5 8×200 156.17mmHB
025-7699FC Phantom Chrome +129mm 8.83BS 17×6.5 8×210 154.3mmHB
025-7681FC Phantom Chrome +129mm 8.83BS 17×6.5 8×6.5 121.7mmHB
025-7692RC Phantom Chrome -140mm -1.76BS 17×6.5 8×200 156.17mmHB
025-7699RC Phantom Chrome -140mm -1.76BS 17×6.5 8×210 154.3mmHB
025-7681RC Phantom Chrome -140mm -1.76BS 17×6.5 8×6.5 121.7mmHB
025-6687FC Phantom Chrome +102mm 7.52BS 16×6 8×170 125.2mmHB
025-6681FC Phantom Chrome +102mm 7.52BS 16×6 8×6.5 121.7mmHB
025-6687RC Phantom Chrome -140mm -2.01BS 16×6 8×170 125.2mmHB
025-6681RC Phantom Chrome -140mm -2.01BS 16×6 8×6.5 121.7mmHB


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