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Our latest wheel on the Miro line-up. Miro F25 “Form Forged” wheels are constructed and designed for those that demand the highest performance while minimizing weight. Form Forged F25 is presented in 19 inch wheel size at an amazing 21 pounds. The caliber of the Form Forged F25 wheel translates to enhanced horsepower and torque at the wheel. In addition to delivering performance, we designed the unique Form Forged F25 to have an aggressive styling to match power with aesthetics which sets the enthusiast a cut above the competition. Future fitments for Porsche and other exotic cars are in the near future.


WF25.915211 F25 Full Silver +32mm 19×8.5 5×112 66.56HB
WF25.915321 F25 Full Silver +35mm 19×8.5 5×120 72.56HB
WF25.915421 F25 Full Silver +35mm 19×8.5 5×4.5 73.1HB
WF25.925211 F25 Full Silver +40mm 19×9.5 5×112 66.56HB
WF25.925331 F25 Full Silver +40mm 19×9.5 5×120 72.56HB
WF25.925421 F25 Full Silver +40mm 19×9.5 5×4.5 73.1HB


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